Friday, March 1, 2024

Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet in Alabang


Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet in Alabang

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There’s a lot of reason why I want to go back to Brazil again. The Coffee, carnival, amazon and the great food yes. So why do I need to travel up in the air for 2 days? If I could make it in 1 hour via land travel going to Festival Mall Alabang area from Manila.

Last week Buffet at Toucan Brazilian BBQ is kinda unique. Most especially to a Football and MMA fan like me. The food style is the same exactly when I did travel last 2014 world cup back in Rio de Janeiro and Corcovado – Malls, Mountains and Streets.

The symbol of Amazon, Christ the Redeemer, Carnival and lots of Brazilian style painting you may find in the wall. Plus football games playing on TV made me remember my Waka Waka and Fast 5 Danza Kuduro moments back in Rio.

The fresh Grilled Pineapple and Brazilian meats sliced-served in front of me makes me feel something unique and special about this buffet restaurant. Japanese, american, Korean and Pinoy type of restaurants are common anywhere.

So why not try something exotic? Come and taste the difference in Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet in less than 1000 peso budget. Ola! Vamos comer comer!