Monday, April 15, 2024

Ways to Make Money for Bloggers


Ways to Make Money for Bloggers


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1. Join Facebook groups like Bloggers Association, Press Trip Club, Business or Travel Related Group.  You may search for it on Facebook like Tech blogger groups, travel bloggers, mommy bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and business bloggers group.

Any blogger group that best describes your niche or yourself. From there you may sign up for various opportunities to press trips, collabs, comments support syndication to PR seeding campaign program. Some PR may pay you between 100-25,000 pesos depending on the popularity and reach of your site

for creating an original article or publishing a press release or pre-written materials to your blog or site. I already made more than a thousand of campaigns from different businesses and programs. Also hundreds of press trips for free in exchange for writing up or promoting the events or business.

2. Join affiliate programs like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Safetywing, and many more. You may sign up to 60 different sites that pay per sale or pay you instantly when you subscribe or write about them. Look for the partners and affiliates section of each site.

3. Join contests like blogging contests. There is hundreds of contest every year. Some pay up to 100k, just read more blogs and they will share their personal stories with the link to the contest mechanics or # to social media.

4. Join Intellifluence, Getblogged and other pay-per-post blog sites. I made dozens of campaigns here that pay an average of $100. You will pitch for a said blog project. Then they will approve it, If they like your story angle or style of promoting them.

5. Direct X deals – I made several partnerships with different brands. They usually give you the product in exchange for reviews. Some are just borrowed like cars or cellphones, some are in exchange for cash, collab, restaurant food, or gift certificates. Some are simply thank you for promoting them.

Some bloggers are earning millions of dollars already. You may adopt their style of blogging or promotion. Be patient enough and consistent because this is not an overnight event. Good luck and Happy Blogging!