Thursday, September 28, 2023

Why Real Estate is one of the Ideal Investment for OFWs


Why Real Estate is one of the Ideal Investment for OFWs

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I would consider Real Estate as one of the best investments for our OFW. Or Overseas Filipino Workers, I have several family members and friends that are currently working abroad that already invested in real estate.

Several years ago, I remember my cousin abroad from Singapore told me during my travel abroad. This 1st world countries are just for work. But not for retirement, or in long term business ventures. Some of my family members in Canada and US are already planning to invest in properties. Some of them already invested in house and lot.

Some family members told me that the value of real estate properties will always go up. And guess what they are right. The value of house and condo always go up, you may use it as an investment. You can sell it anytime you want.

Last month I accompanied my mom and dad in looking for a lot to buy. And guess what? It was a lot of headache and work to do. You need to talk to several people like the realtor, broker, owners and then by the end of the day or week. No deal was made, I mean It’s quite hard if you do it yourself.

Although the travel and learning experience is fun. But you need to be sharp and learn the art of deal or no deal. In order to be not screwed up with your hard earned investment. You need to be sharp all the time, in making those decision to buy or not. Because some lots and properties got several issues.

If you would visit several subdivision here in Negros area. I noticed that more than 80% of the home owners are OFW’s. Pinoy are know to be a hardworking people and willing to do overtime of extra mile just to provide a better quality of life to their families.

Aside from being called as a modern day heroes, not all of them is considered to be successful. Some became homeless even displaced because of pandemic. One of the best investment OFW should consider is the condominium. Like this affordable Condo unit in Cavite.

I remember renting a condo for 35k a month, 15k a week and 2500 a day this year. Some may go higher or lower and its actually depends on the size location and value you can add into it. Like the more expensive interior and appliances you have in your unit the higher the market value.

My main concern of buying a house is the security of the said area. I would prefer the one that is less headache. I mean, I tried to live in an area with no CCTV and security. And guess what,  I lost several personal belongings to several thieves. I made mistake and I don’t want to make same mistake again when it comes to security.

You may also see and consider Lumina Valencia as an option for your future home. The good thing about it is that it has a CCTV cameras and 24/7 guard on duty to make sure everything is safe.