Friday, May 24, 2024

Next Bond Characters

Next Bond Characters

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It’s been several years ago before the release of No Time To Die movie I plotted the 26th Bond Movie Characters. I’m feel quite sick of the Actor’s foolish lineup suggestion when I saw it on Major News and Entertainment sites every week for years.

Real Bond fans don’t appreciate those articles and videos jacking up the 1st page of Google. Social media and internet movie streaming sites are the main reasons why the 60-year-old franchise couldn’t be profitable and juicier anymore than before.

If Hollywood Directors and Bond producers follow those foolish recommendations. No doubt that Floyd-Pacquiao pay per view, Top Only Fans or Youtuber Mr Beast’s revenue could be more profitable than the film outcome itself.

Just follow my suggestions and bring back those glorious Bond days that Granpa, Pa, Ma, Grandson, and Friends is excited about to drag themselves into local cinema premiere. Before you talk about when you just say Sean, Tim, Pierce, George, Daniel, and Roger is back.

Right now a lot of people aren’t excited enough to come to Cinema and wait until it will be streamed in Amazon or Netflix or worst is to see it on those pirated streaming sites.